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this is kpix news. >> a couple disappears while on a biking trip in peru, the help the family is now getting to find them. >> drivers start your engines. >> danica patrick makes nascar history, what she is looking to do next. >> one actor micks history -- makes history and another gets tripped up. and good evening. it is a mystery in south america, how did a couple vanish in peru. u.s. officials are getting involved. don knapp spoke with friends of the couple who said they haven't heard from the couple in a month. >> she is a fun loving bicyclists. in december she and her
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boyfriend left the bay area for the bike ride of their lives. now friends and family are concerned about their whereabouts. >> i understand there is some dangerous areas in the places they were visiting. have warnings for american tourists so i am worried about them and the fact there has been no communication for a month. >> the couple posted pictures on facebook but on january 25 the communication ended. her sisters hope it is just a communication problem and nothing more. >> i haven't seen a video of her since january 25 so to me anything could have happened since then. i hope she is having a blast. >> reporter: she talked with her january 18. >> she called to say that they were having a good time.
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everything was going well. >> reporter: it isn't clear where they were on january 25. now thousands of miles away family and friends launched anench to find them, starting with a poster. >> we are trying to contact people who are traveling in south america so that they could also get the flyers out to local people. >> reporter: they are working with the u.s. embassy but worry is starting to set in. >> a little bit. they have been gone -- they have been -- no contact for a month and that is scary. so we are very worried. >> reporter: don knapp, kpyi 5. police are searching for a man who shot up a building tonight. police say the gunman got into
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an argument with another man and opened fire. the victim was hit in the leg but expected to survive. he is from the sacramento area and we are told he is armed and dangerous. anyone with information is urged to call 911. we are also getting word of a search for four people in the water near half moon bay. the report of a boat taking on water came in this afternoon, the coast guard is using a plane, helicopters and boats to search for two adults and two children. investigators are sorting through new tips about the suspect in the las vegas trip shooting. police are looking for harris. he was the one who shot and killed a rapper. every since he was identified last night tips have been pouring in. yesterday police found the suv that was found speeding from
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the scene. two other people were killed. new details tonight about mc hammer's brush with the law. the sheriff's department said the vehicle he was in during his arrest had expired tagged and belonged to another person. he was arrested thursday night and when asked for proof of ownership he began to argue and then he refused to get out of the car. when he did he was arrested for ubtrucking a police officer. -- ub. >> instructor: ing a police officer. -- obstructing a police officer. police are surging for a man in a home invasion robbery. he is wanted in connection with a home invasion last week. he has a long rap sheet and hasn't been seen since wednesday. two suspected tried to tie up the couple who live there. when they threatened children in the home the victim's broke
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free and fought. they held one down till police arrived and the other took off with valuables. anyone with information on lopez is asked to call 911. well, it is hollywood's biggest night, when the stars come out for the 85th annual academy awards. before the ceremony there is the walk down the red carpet, actors, directors, singers and others got their moment. this year marks the 85th annual academy awards with nominees in 24 categories. live from hollywood. >> reporter: yeah. good evening. great to be with you. with four wins, live of 5 took home the most actors. but not in acting. it was "les mis" and argueo with
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three -- argo. >> i want to thank you, ben. you directed a great philip. >> reporter: dalian day lewis -- daniel day-lewis won three best actor awards. jennifer lawrence tripped over herself to beat out the old and say youngest nominees for best actress. >> you are standing up because you feel bad i fell. >> reporter: supporting actor, he won and she won for "les mis." 700 fans were lucky enough to win seats along the red carpet. some of the biggest celebrities walked by. other stars were excited to see each other. >> reporter: do you still get star struck? >> yeah. i think i do.
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[ music playing ] >> reporter: as promised producers packed the show with performances. [ singing ] >> reporter: seth macfarlane kicked it all off. [ music playing ] >> reporter: adele performed her title song from the bond movie and in a tribute, jennifer hudson with a song from dream girls. [ music playing ] [ singing ] >> reporter: "les mis" reunited as part of a evening that honored the best hollywood has to offer. >> reporter: and oscar night wouldn't be complete with a traditional after parties. that is where a lot of celebrities will be spending their time. >> people are talking about what happened, a lot of talk about ben affleck's speech. what do you think was the best
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moment tonight? >> reporter: i think that may go down as one of them. lot of people were hoping he would compete for best director. a lot of people thought that was a big snub, especially leading into the award season. he won every major award. but he made his speech for best picture so he still got his time. for a lot of people it was a serious snub. >> night in hollywood, thank you so much. and an oscar gala in san francisco tonight, the 33 annual academy of friends is a fundraiser for hiv services, this year's year's cause the broader community awareness for those effected. >> we changed ben fish-airies
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every year -- beneficiaries every year. we look forward to supporting many of the agencies. >> this year's event included a silent auction, food, champagne and entertainment. they committed to continuing their work till the pandemic passed. good natured ripping from the razzy. >> worst picture of the year goes to -- going to be a surprise. [ laughter ] >> twilight saga. number two. [ cheers and applause ] >> breaking dawn part 2 picked up 7 over all, including worst screen ensemble and worst director. it gets better -- or worse. twilight director also got the
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nod for worse sequel. that is my boy got worse actor and screen play. danica patrick is looking ahead to her next race after making history that daytona 500. she showed women can hold their own and give any driver a run for his or her money. >> reporter: jimmie johnson took the checkered flag that daytona 500. the second time he won nascar's biggest race but all eyes were on danica patrick in car number 10. she briefly took the lead. the first woman to lead for a full lap at the daytona 500. >> nice to lead later on in the race just to have done that. lead laps. >> reporter: danica patrick was in third place but fell back
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and finished 8. as she prepared to take the wheel she looked laser focus. at the starting line danica patrick got a nod from james franco. >> drivers and danica start your engines. >> quite a few people out there. >> reporter: it has been a dramatic week. three fans were injured. a car flew into the fence sending debris into the stanes. 14 fans were taken to the hospital. workers repaired the fence in time for the race. danica mania is at an all time high. after crossing the finish line her few focus is on the starting line for a race in
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phoenix. many new nascar fans will be watching. pope benedict xvi hiding in plain site, and deadline approaching on capitol hill, how does budding heads over spending cuts could effect all of us. >> sunshine on a sunday but there is a storm system approaching the west coast. will we see rain here from the storm system? clear night tonight over the beautiful bay bridge, low temperatures tonight and when we hit 70 again. that is coming up. ,,,, ,,,,
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his last sunday blessing at vatican. but while the pope may be ste . president obama delivered his last sunday bless -- pope benedict xvi delivered his last sunday blessing. from have itcon city with detail -- vatican city with details. >> reporter: he assured the 100,000 people in st. peters square he wasn't abandoning the church. he said he would continue to suv but in a way more suitable to my age and strength. pope benedict xvi goes into what he call as new life for prayer and meditation. >> in the name -- >> reporter: they claimed he encaged in inappropriate contact with him years ago.
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the scandals didn't worry her. >> it is in god's hands. >> reporter: he sympathized. >> how much control does the pope have over someone's actions. it is hard to hold a person responsible. >> reporter: the warm reception energized energized the pope who thanked god for the sunshine instead of the predicted rain. >> reporter: there is plenty of security. snipers are in position over looking the square and plane clothes policeman in the crowds. he will leave on thursday to spend the first two months of retirement. >> reporter: the ex-pope has todisappear during the -- to
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disappear during the conclave. here in the bay area we were -- had a gorgeous week. paul deanno -- >> it is not going to be around here. we can't even get a cloudy day. let's enjoy the sunshine. look at the stat here. we averaged 21 cloudy days a typical winter. this year we have had only 4 cloudy days for the entire two month period of january and february. i don't see one for the next couple days. sunny and dry. doppler is dry tonight. high temperatures today. sonoma 68 degrees. oakland mid-60s. concord one degrees below. hayward 62. san francisco 60.
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tomorrow, oakland 43. concord, fremont 40s. another storm system heading towards the west coast. like the last one, low pressure deflects the moisture, may see a few clouds in the north bay and that is it. high pressure is strong and high pressure will only allow ridge on the edge of the high, that is in the pacific northwest. the rain won't make it to the bay area. high pressure is blocking it. there will be three passing by this week, each one will miss, so sunny, dry and towards the end of the week when high pressure is at its stronger we will be in the 70s as we start off march on friday. sunny and mild. chilly when you wake up because of clear nights. 30s away from the water. every day in the 60s, including
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monday. livermore tomorrow 63. san jose 64. still nice to get outside. red wood city 64. antioch 63. have la62. 60 for mill valley. santa rosa 64. alameda 64 degrees. how about that? how about this for starting off march, friday and saturday in the 70s. just in, some signs that next week we may be wetter but this week no, bone dry. >> thank you. all right. just days before massive budget cuts congress is heading back to work tomorrow. kpix's anne makovec with more. >> reporter: the latest deadline on capitol hill. >> i am calling this murder- suicide of government services and it will crash the economy. >> reporter: $85 billion worth
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of cuts are set to take effect on friday and congress is in recess. >> we are facing a government shut down and the american people are not going to receive positively to that. we are seeing fragile growth and only congress stands in the way. >> reporter: as usual congress can't agree and it might be us who has to pay. the white house released this list, what we could expect if it comes down. in california we lose $88 million in education funding, putting 1200 jobs at risk. >> this is the spring. you are trying to plan your budget for the fall. with this much chaos from washington, the fact this is so easily aviddable is why i am -- avoidable is why i am angry. >> reporter: army funding would
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be cut by 54 million. air force 15 million. >> i think what we are doing now to the men and women who are serving is unconscionable. they deserve a predictable life. >> reporter: national parks, less frequent trash pick up could attract bears. at the airport, flight delays, and control towers could be shut down. republicans are holding out for more targeted spending cuts without an increase in taxes. >> less than 3%. federal budget that will still grow. only in washington, d.c. is that still a cut. you ask is there 3% that is wasted today. >> reporter: democrats feel higher income americans should pay more. we will see who is willing to roll up their sleeves. >> this isn't college, congress
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was elected to think big and solve big problems. >> reporter: anne makovec, kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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melissa mccarthy's "identity thief" returning to the topt in its third week of releas box office on oscar weekend. identity thief. $14million. snitch opened in second place, 13 million. escape from planet earth and a good day to die hard. after five years of tunneling the big dig is finished. two new mile long tunnels are under going final safety tests. the project will divert 1.2- mile stretch of the pacific coast highway. can the warriors overcome 22 turnover ons the road and
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xfinity. the future of awesome.
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8th, the highest ever by a woman.. start the clock.. danica patrick, the first woman to start in the lead position at the daytona 500, she finished 8, highest ever by a woman. crewing repairing the track following yesterday's crash. jimmie johnson is your winner, taking the checkered flag. he wins the daytona 500 for the second time in his career. just over a minute to play the warriors down to the t wolves. drills it, 18 points for that
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man. 100-99, they squeak it out. a's, off matt cain's leg. he was checked out and he is okay. he is not expected to miss his next start. giants lose 4-3. a's and angels. young, coco crisp scores. chris young left with a leg cramp but a's win 7-5. 17th hole. matt kuchar. he wins the championship without having to play the 18th hole. josh redick on game day tonight with andreas torres. he was traded to the new york mets. and the giants got angel pagan, now all three are back on the team. >> very ce
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